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During the 10-15 years of the development of China's mold industry, those enterprises that pay attention to mold quality and quality management have achieved rapid development. JMJT is one of these enterprises. The unremitting pursuit of high quality molds and high-level company management has made JMJT change the concept of "low quality" of Chinese made molds of many domestic and foreign buyers, and while many enterprises of the same type have developed and expanded, JMJT has achieved a qualitative leap, The quality of the plastic mold industry in Europe is equal to or even better.

Quality Control

As a high-quality mold enterprise, JMJT has a strong management and quality inspection team. From the three-dimensional drawing of the mold to the first mold test, it has very strict analysis and quality control.

3D Design

After receiving the customer's product design, the project manager will immediately call all relevant technical personnel to analyze its shortcomings and possible problems in the processing process. For example, analyze the demoulding slope, strength, plastic filling, deformation, wall thickness, skin texture, etc. After these discussions, the mold flow analysis will be carried out immediately. If there is any problem, the customer will be contacted immediately and solutions or suggestions will be provided.

New Model Conference

After the mold is designed, the design review department will review the design, including mold structure detection, mold action and guide system detection, mold injection system detection, mold cooling system detection, mold ejection system detection, and mold vulnerable parts detection. All relevant personnel will participate in the new mold design technical meeting and put forward all technical points, such as the use of steel for mold parts, the basic structure of the mold, the plastic material and its melt index, the special requirements of customers, the parameters of injection molding machines and the processing steps of parts. After the design of the mold is confirmed by the customer, the steel material shall be sampled and tested with high-quality testing instruments to ensure that there are no cracks or impurities, and the steel material hardness tester can measure whether the hardness of the steel material is qualified or consistent.

Mold Processing

In the process of die processing for automobile interior trim parts, basic quality control will also be carried out for steel materials. Processing is divided into three steps: ① rough processing; ② Semi finishing of some precision molds; ③ High speed milling and finishing.

Quality Control

It has three coordinate measuring instruments and projection measuring instruments to measure the dimensions of the cavity, core and other parts of the mold. After the mold is processed, the three coordinate measuring instruments and other dimension measuring equipment are used to control the dimensions. The qualified mold will be sent to the assembly workshop, otherwise the mold will be re processed. Before the first mold test, the quality inspection personnel and the project manager will conduct quality control on the mold assembly. The mold will be disassembled for inspection by the quality inspection department according to the mold test standard. If it is unqualified, the mold test is not allowed. With special machines for mold testing, the mold testing team has rich testing experience. Their responsibility is to find out the shortcomings of the mold and provide solutions. After that, the mold will be repaired and a long-term simulation production will be conducted before shipment. Important information such as mold design, drawings, various inspection records, work logs, inspection reports, mold test videos and mold operation manuals will be sent to customers regularly during mold processing.