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Quality Concept

Concept guides people's behavior. JMJT pays attention to constantly updating the quality concept of team members in the management process, so as to complete quality control in multiple work links. In JMJT, people know that quality is the basis of survival and development, and managers have high standard quality concept.

Quality Standard

All the work of SMC FRP mold manufacturer must be carried out according to the quality standards in practice, and the mold shall be designed and manufactured according to these quality standards. The quality standards include: plastic mold design standards, plastic mold processing standards, plastic mold installation standards, plastic mold inspection standards, etc. under the influence of the strong execution ability of the team, the quality standards have penetrated into the work of every employee.

Quality Control

JMJT has its own perfect production and management system, and has quality monitoring in every production link. We will do our best to avoid mistakes and curb the expansion of existing mistakes. Its scope is: from the design structure of plastic products to the feasibility of mold structure design, from the purchase of mold raw materials to the inspection of raw materials, from the selection of raw material processing technology to the inspection of part quality, from the assembly of parts to the overall inspection of molds, and so on. There are corresponding charts in each step, and zero defects are ensured in every link as far as possible, so as to ensure the high quality of the mold delivery.

Design Test

Any product design provided by JMJT or customers, such as the possibility of plastic molding process, plastic mold structure operation and relevant parts matching, will be comprehensively analyzed and checked. All these can effectively avoid the mold repair work and costs caused by product design defects. We believe that if you spend 10 minutes more on product design, you can save one month in mold production. Through the accurate analysis of mold design, processing steps and plastic mold structure, we provide the most perfect solution for customers. Mold inspection involves many aspects, such as mold strength, mold flow analysis, mold injection, cooling system, guide system, specifications of various parts, selection of customer's machine and special mold requirements, etc. all of these should be tested according to mold design standards.

Inspection Purchased Steel Materials

There are strict inspection process and time control for the purchase of spare parts, standardization of components, accuracy of dimensions, hardness of steel materials and material flow inspection, etc.

Process Quality Control

The dimension shall be strictly controlled. After each part is processed, it shall be tested according to the mold design, and the tolerance shall be controlled. The next part can be processed only after each part reaches the standard. Before NC milling, all programs must be strictly checked. After completion, we will test the accuracy of each component with a CMM. We have a lot of testing: professional processing technology and machine maintenance training; Self inspection of processed workpieces and acceptance of quality department; Reasonable overtime system and tooling control system.

Installation Quality Inspection

Complete inspection of plastic mold to ensure the continuity of mold structure and the standard of parts. The project manager and quality inspection personnel shall inspect the plastic molds according to the company's standards to ensure the quality of the products. Once problems are found, they can be corrected immediately and errors can be effectively prevented. In addition, we continuously carry out independent testing on the cooling system, hydraulic oil passage system and hot runner system of the plastic mold. The quality inspection department shall submit the inspection report within 24 hours after the mold inspection. The report shall include product size, appearance, injection parameters and physical parameters. We use different inspection standards and tools for different products. In the inspection room, the quality inspection department inspects the high-pressure injection molding machine, high-speed injection molding machine, automatic operation device, etc., and then provides modification opinions for the defective products. We have accumulated rich experience in the field of plastic molds, which lays the foundation for better providing solutions for customers. With the continuous upgrading of testing equipment, our product inspection has become more and more professional and reliable.

Mold Test

To a certain extent, we test the mold only to find out the problems of the mold, not to solve the problems. Therefore, the mold test is divided into several steps, including empty operation, high-pressure pressure maintaining, high-speed injection and related long-time mold operation detection.

Pre Shipment Inspection

According to the order documents, customer requirements and company standards, we will conduct strict acceptance inspection on the molds. These order documents and other inspection reports must be filed before the molds are shipped.

Project Processing Department

The technicians of the processing department should review the drawings before processing the mold materials to ensure that the mold can be shipped in the shortest reasonable time, which can not only shorten the production cycle but also solve the waste of raw materials.

Project Progress Department

The employees of the process department must track the processing progress of the mold every day, take photos of each processing step of the mold, and then make them into a report so as to provide the mold process report to the sales department.

Project Process

The business department directly contacts the customers and discusses technical issues. The independent responsibility system of the project manager and the business staff ensures that the project implementation is accurate and the responsibilities are clear. Detailed and complete documents for customer file management can also be found in time to solve problems. The project department is directly in charge of the process department and the quality control department to ensure the delivery date and quality of each mold. Follow up the process of each order, control the process to the specific time, and seize the time to implement the task. Every technical meeting will ensure the good design scheme and processing technology of the mold. The process department controls each processing detail. The company has its own technical and cultural training. Every year, the company invests a large amount of research and development funds in the field of research and development, achieving fruitful results. In order to improve the continuity of order management, the sales department, project department, production department and quality inspection department are regularly trained. The purpose is to improve the professional skills of employees so that everyone can supervise the quality of molds.