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Taizhou Huangyan JMJT Mould Co., Ltd.

Add: No. 168, District 1, dongjianghe village, Chengjiang Industrial Zone, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel: 0576-84217327

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Since its establishment, the company has advocated green, environmental protection and health in the SMC mold industry; Give customers humanistic care and give you a better experience with first-class service. The prices of all our SMC molds are transparent and the materials used are listed in detail, which is clear at a glance. Adhering to the principle of integrity and honesty, Valuing Credit and abiding by the contract, we have won the unanimous praise of our customers. We will continue to learn and improve, pursue excellence and create excellent products as always, and provide more intimate services for our customers.

① Product and mold design input, quick budget and cost budget.

② Appropriate tool selection and specific quotation, confidentiality agreement.

③ Regularly use photos and bar chart reports to ensure that mold placement and control can be completed on time.

④ Our rich experience in the mold field enables us to provide our customers with efficient and professional services, avoid possible problems in the molding process, provide cost-effective tools, and provide customers with systematic solutions.

⑤ Submit a preliminary project plan to the customer with a clear project schedule.

⑥ Communicate with customers about mold design, find problems and optimize design details.

⑦ Design control and product query.

⑧ Control the quality of key processing steps, manage the progress of the project according to the mold processing documents, and provide weekly progress and quality reports to customers.

⑨ Regularly update photos and videos according to customer requirements.

⑩ Take and produce test samples and submit part inspection reports.

⑪ If necessary, it can be run in batch production.

⑫ Complete the transportation of molds to customers, including protective packaging, insurance, import duties and all necessary documents, with complete tool drawings and relevant information.

⑬ Transportation: sea transportation - about 26 days, air transportation - about 3 days.

⑭ After reaching the destination country, customs clearance and transportation to the customer's location.

⑮ The technical representative shall be present when the mold is started.

⑯ Guarantee highly competitive price and delivery.

⑰ Submit record documents of all molds (submit spare parts list, mold inspection documents and process documents after delivery).

Pre-sales Service

Professional and comprehensive pre-sales service to provide you with professional guidance; Guide users to select appropriate molds according to the required output and investment scale; Professional engineers will make feasible plans for you according to the actual situation.

On-sale Service

We actively promote the tenets of "quality = life" and "service = eternity". On the premise of doing a good job in each single project, carefully do a good job in after-sales service and customer return visit. We will win the love of our customers with the attitude of "sincerity, sincerity and enthusiasm". At the same time, we also hope to obtain good public praise from the owners and their friends and high praise from all walks of life through meticulous service.

After-sale Service

① During the maintenance process, take care of all the owner's articles, and compensate for any damage according to the price.

② During the maintenance process, make records of the problems, explain the reasons to the user, and formulate a maintenance plan.

Quality Warranty

During the warranty period, any quality problems of SMC molds produced by JMJT can be solved in time.